Construction Progress for Setia Sky 88 and Twin Galaxy

photo of digging the Setia Sky foundation
Setia Sky construction begins as they prepare the site.

I took these photos over 3 months ago but it looks pretty much the same today. They have seemed busy the whole time with people working and trucks going in and out. My guess is they are digging out to work on the foundation and that really doesn’t give you much to look at as a casual observer.

photo of the Setia Sky site with New York Hotel in background
Setia Sky site (on the left behind the walls) with New York Hotel in background.

Twin Galaxy will be on the right of this photo (closer to the road with the New York Hotel than Setia Sky 88 is).

photo of the Setia Sky 88 site preparations
2nd view of the initial preparations of the Setia Sky 88 site.

photo of the road between Setia Sky 88 and New York Hotel
Looking down the road between the future Setia Sky 88 condos and the New York Hotel (looking West).

You can see a blue bilboard for Setia in the photo. Setia Sky 88 is actually set back fairly far from this road (over 100 feet, I think). I believe there is a plot of land that isn’t owned by Setia between the road and the condos (but the condo will have “driveway” access road connecting to about where that sign is.

photo of cranes on the Twin Galaxy condos site
Early Construction at Twin Galaxy condos (looking east into the site).

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