Buying or Renting in Horizon Hills

The market for housing in Nusajaya, Johor is hot. The progress of the Malaysian government Iskandar project are making investors very positive. And jobs are starting to be created as new projects are brought online. One of the premier housing estates in Nusajaya is Horizon Hills.

Given the positive feeling many have about the future of Nusajaya many look to buy (either instead of renting, or as an investment). Because so many investors are buying that leaves a demand for renters. And renters can get some good deals if they look.

There are variety of rental options in Horizon Hills, Johor, including:

  • Cluster house, RM 3,000/month, Built Up 2400 square feet, 4+1 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Partly Furnished. 5 minutes to Jusco Bukit Indah, 15 minutes to second link highway Tuas custom, 7 minutes to Tesco and Giant. 7 minutes to Columbia Hospital.
  • Semi detached, RM 2,600/month, 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, Partly Furnished.
  • Cluster house, RM 2,600/month, 2300 square feet, 4+1 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Partly Furnished.

And for sale:

  • Cluster/semi-detached, RM 868,000, RM 150 monthly maintenance, 2600 square feet built up, bedroom 4+1, bathroom 4, Partly Furnished.
  • Terrace unit, RM 485,000, 1845 square feet built-up, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, Partly Furnished.

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5 thoughts on “Buying or Renting in Horizon Hills

  1. Hello!

    I am Japanese that is living in Shanghai, China. I am planning to move to Johor Bahru(with my family), and also planning to purchase a real estate for my self to live, and some for lease.

    Your comments in the colum impressed me, and I wanted to hear your opinion, if you would purchase one real estate for investment, which one whould you buy?

    Thank you very much & regards,
    Kohei Taki

    1. I haven’t really examined it so I can’t say with any degree of sense. Most investors I read about online seem to be going for bungalows or link houses. I think I might, look at condos, if I were investing. But there are at least 2 big issues. First the minimum for a foreign investor is RM 500,000 – I think the best condo investment might be for places less than that. Second, the property manager of the condo is very important: that the price is reasonable, that they do the proper maintenance and do it well, may have unexpected assessments (for some major repair or renovation. Also with condos parking may become more of an issue as more tenants (in each unit) want to have cars: especially if mass transit isn’t dramatically improved.

      Horizon Hills definitely seems like a very popular place though. Many investors seem to have picked houses their to invest in and it is definitely work looking into, I think.

  2. Do people buy Horizon Hills for investment or weekend home ? or to stay in ? If its for investment or weekend home, the entire estate will be quiet and lonely on weekdays. Would it be too lonely, safe ?

    Majority buying HH are foreigners and the prices have gone up by about 40 – 45% ! Hence, would it be likely to see prices appreciating over the long term ? In addition, if the area is more affordable and attractive for foreigners, will it be a target zone for robbery ? Thanks for any response.

  3. You should consider the houses in Taman Sutere Utama instead. The build quality there is good and the price is right. It’s in very close proximity to Horizon Hills.

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