Stulang Villa Condos

Stulang Villa is a small condo with just 6 floors. With so few units you will not find many units available online.

exterior view of Stulang Villa Condo building
Exterior view of the condo building.

Units rent for MYR 2,000 to 2,500 a month, which seems a bit high to me. But you can walk to the CIQ (though it isn’t very close). The condo is in a neighboorhood between CIG and Zon. The units are large – 1,750 square feet.

Stulang Villa Condo, living room
The living room is large and offers a nice balcony

The furnishings are likely to be less impressive than the newer luxury condos, though a unit could be renovated so it really depends on the individual unit.

Stulang Villa Condo, view looking to Singapore
This is the view from a low floor (2nd, I think). You can see the Straights and Singapore to the South (obviously higher up the view would be better).

There is a small parking lot under the condo building. This is probably on the low end of what expats are looking for but for some it might be a good fit. Commuting to Singapore from here is better than from many other places (but really the large delays are on the Causeway so the difference isn’t huge unless you are taking the bus in which case this may be appealing (since you could walk to CIQ, though it is a bit of a hike).

Address: Jalan Indera Putera, 80100

view opposite the Stulang Villa condo
The surrounding area is similar to the foreground of the photo. The Cyberport building is in the background, CIQ is past that.

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