Housing Estates

Johor Bahru has added numerous gated and guarded housing communities since Malaysia kicked off the Iskandar initiative. Many of the estates technically are not in Johor Bahru but close by instead (they are still within the state of Johor). These new housing estates are clustered near the 2nd link to the west of Johor Bahru city in Nusajaya:

The properties are largely bungalows, large multi-million-Ringit mansions and connected houses (townhouse style). They offer environments with an chance to experience the wonderful nature in Malaysia. They are very popular with expats and especially expats working in Singapore. Many Singaporeans also buy houses to live in full time in the housing estates and retirement and investment property also. The 2nd link does not experience backups nearly to the extent the causeway between Johor Bahru and Singapore does.

The are primarily housing only so not mixed use developments as most urban planning experts would suggest. The whole Iskandar area together is mixed use but I think the separations are too great. More recent urban planning best practices have the office, housing, education, retail… areas much more integrated.