Datin Halimah Condominium

photo of Datin Halimah condo

Datin Halimah Condo is located in downtown Johor Bahru approximately 15 to 25 minutes from the CIQ and causeway to Singapore. Amenities include: gymnasium, playground, sauna, swimming pool, tennis court, barbecue area and 24hr security.

The building is 19 stories tall with 216 units, and it was completed in 1999. As with other condos with this number of units finding an agent with units available can be tricky. To find available units look on the popular rental condo web sites for Johor Bahru and contact the management office of the condo. Prices will likely be between RM 1,200 and RM 2,500 a month.

Address: Jalan Datin Halimah, 80350 Johor Bahru

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