I moved to Johor Bahru after taking some time to examine where in Malaysia I wanted to live. You can follow my blog on living in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpor (lots of jobs) and Penang (many retires) are more popular destination of expats but I prefer Johor Bahru. And I think the potential for Johor Bahru is great. The real estate market offers many opportunities to invest or for housing for yourself.

Here I will provide information on Johor Bahru, Johor state, housing options in Johor, information on finding housing, investing options for real estate in Johor and information about living in Johor Bahru. I will focus on expats as an audience to give the site a focus but hopefully a much wider audience can also find worthwhile information.

To some extent “expat” in the Malaysian real estate market is equated with luxury or costly housing. Some of the housing is really luxury but much of it is more just expensive compared to local real estate than up to luxury standards on the global scale.

Singapore, sits right to the South of Johor Bahru and many people, expats – and others, live in Johor while working in Singapore.