Setia Sky 88

Setia Sky 88 is a new condo just getting set for construction to start. I haven’t seen when delivery of units is anticipated for, but one article says completed in 4 years. I find it hard to understand how they are going to take so long, but since the website fails to have any information at all I guess the best current guess is for delivery in 2016. I still find that so slow that I can’t believe they will really take that long but until I get updated information that is the only date with some evidence backing it up. As with all new condos planned for the CBD of Johor Bahru recently the developers are aiming for high priced units.

The location is nice, across the street from the New York Hotel. There is another highrise condo being built right next to the Setia Sky 88 (across the street – between the Sky 88 and Hotel Selesa), which is also just in the beginning stages of construction.

I would imagine the car washes that line part of the street now will be replaced with more upscale retail shops, but we will see.

Plaza Penagi is just 4 blocks away and the wonderful Chez Papa (French cuisine) is just 6 blocks away. KSL Mall is within 2 km. The KSL condos are getting close to being completed (also very high prices on these).

I am not really sure why they have to exaggerate (saying the CIQ is 2 minutes away), the causeway is 5-10 minutes away assuming any sensible driving and traffic load, in my opinion.

I think the nearest existing condo would be the Wadihana Condo which is likely between 1 and 2 km away.

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