Danga View and Adamai Condos: RM 2,000 to RM 4,000 per month

Adamai condo is a new mid-rise condo in JB town with only 47 units in the building. Danga View condos are located in the Danga Bay area and provide smaller units.

The Johor Bahru market continues to favor renters. If you are looking to rent feel free to take your time and compare what options you have. And feel free to bargain for what is most important to you (if you want some improvements made to the unit or furnishings, or a reduced price or whatever).

Most all condos expats are looking at come fully furnished. A few are partially furnished. You should always check, but normally the listing will make it very clear if it isn’t at least, largely furnished.

See our overview of the Adamai condo.

  • Multiple units available with your choice of 1389; 1410; 1485; or 1528 square feet, 3 (+1) bedrooms, 3 baths, partially furnished for RM 3,200 per month, fully furnished starting at RM 4,000 per month.

See our overview of the Danga View condo. Units available now include:

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